• Tree Types at Piney Acres Farm

    • Scotch Pine (Strong Branches, Good Needle Retention)
    • White Pine (Soft Branches & Needles, Good Needle Retention)
    • Canaan Fir(Strong Branches, Soft Needles, Strong Fragrance, Good Needle Retention)
    • Concolor Fir (Strong Branches, Strong Citrus Fragrance, Good Needle Retention)
    • Douglas Fir (Strong Branches, Strong Pine Fragrance, Long, Soft Needles)
    • Norway Spruce (Strong Branches, Short Needles, Good Needle Retention)
    • Colorado Blue Spruce (Strong Branches, Short Needles, Good Needle Retention)
    • Serbian Spruce (Strong Branches, Flat Needles, Lustrous, Dark Green Color)

    *Important Notice 

    As of 12/10/17 ALL PINEY TREE FIELDS ARE CLOSED FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE YEAR. We do have plenty of lovely pre-cuts that were just cut 2 weeks ago, vs. back in October at many of the big box tree lots. 

    Visit our blog for more details on the closure of the u-cut tree fields. 

  • 2017 Christmas Season Pricing

  • Important Fresh Tree Care Tips

    • If possible, place your tree in water immediately after unloading at home.
    • If not possible, cut ½”off the trunk before setting up on tree stand. Immediately fill reservoir with water and keep full.
    • Do not let water fall below base of tree bottom…it will signal tree to re-seal itself, which can cause your tree to become dry, brittle & start shedding needles.
    • Throughout the holiday season, water, water, water. 
    • Enjoy your beautiful tree!!
  • Helpful Piney Acres Farm Christmas Season Tips

    • Enjoy your day on the farm as you find your “Perfect Tree”. 
    • SAFETY FIRST!! Be careful of stumps & holes in the field.
    • Please allow ONLY ADULTS to carry saws.
    • Please cut your tree as close to the ground as possible.
    • Take your tree to the nearest roadway for transport back to the barn.
    • $25 charge if the leader (top) of the tree is cut!!
    • Do not cut a smaller tree out of a larger one. Violators will be charged for the entire tree!!
    • Piney Acres does NOT recommend Spruce trees being cut until after Dec. 5th.