• Rainy Day Thoughts from the Farm

    As I start to write this, my wish is that I always have the perspective that I have in this moment. Today was a dreary day. I knew I had a party for a a local rehab facility this evening at the farm and I secretly prayed they would cancel, so I could go home. When they arrived, I drug myself into[...]

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    A Fall 2017 Note to Our Farm Friends

    We wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for their patience and understanding due to the massive crowds here this past Friday (9/15/17)  for our last Movie Night on the Farm. We have NEVER experienced that many people at one time in the 12 years we've been open to the public, and it brought [...]

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    Hancock County Civil War Reenactment

    Come see American history unfold at a Civil War Reenactment at Piney Acres Farm in beautiful Hancock County Indiana! Live reenactment will take place daily in our beautiful tree fields. Plus the public is welcome to watch set-up on Friday October 13th after 5 p.m. Saturday October 14th 10 a.m.[...]

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