• In 1999, Rex and Janice Zenor, purchased the land that is now known to so many as Piney Acres Farm. Rex had always been fond of tree farms, but as the years passed it grew into a passion and a dream to bring his own tree farm to life - a Christmas tree farm to be exact!  

    For the Zenors, it's all about seeing families enjoy themselves and make memories that will last a lifetime. The 73 acre farm offers wide open space where families can connect and enjoy interactive hands-on farm fun in the fresh country air. 

    Seeing the smiles on guest's faces during fall and Christmas outings to the farm makes it all worth while for the Zenors. They love that their little slice of Agrotourism in rural Hancock County might just be the thing to inspire a little one or two to dream big and ponder that they too could someday be a farmer and play in the dirt for a living. 

  • Piney Acres Farm Photo Policy

    Our farm has become a popular photo shoot destination for both professional and amateur photographers. Please note:  we welcome guest snapshots. Photography utilizing a professional photographer (someone who earns income from photography services) require an additional fees discussed below.

    Appointments must be made in advance via phone or email. You must receive a confirmation from us confirming the appointment day and time. If Piney Acres Farm is open to the public during the time of the photography sessions, attraction fees apply to all of the photographer’s clients for use of the attractions  Please see hours/prices on our website for whichever season (fall, Christmas, Spring) applies to your photography session.

    Piney Acres Farm reserves the right to prohibit business disruptions to daily operations due to photography sessions or to regular customer activities. If any fixed or temporary objects are moved or damaged during a session, the photographer will be held responsible for replacement and or payment.

    Although our farm is only open to the public seasonally, we work hard year-round and have year-round expenses to maintain the 73+ acres. Sometimes our farm is mistaken as a public park, but that is not the case. The farm is a family-owned business with employee expenses. We have been blessed with a business that continues to grow; as has the interest from professional photographers. Therefore, it has become necessary for a photography policy to be developed along with fees. We appreciate our customers and professional photographers understanding and cooperating with the policies that have been put into place.  Most photographers charge their clients a sitting fee per session, which covers the photographer’s cost of utilizing a facility or location. This is up to the discretion of the photographer and their client.

    Our fees and rules are outlined below.

    $40/per 1 hour/single-client session. (Off season must be cash payment.)

    Appointments must be made and CONFIRMED in advance. No sessions the Friday, Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving. 

    Professional photographers MUST check in at our farm office during off-season and in the farm store in-season. Each client session must check in as well.

    Please be courteous and polite to all visitors and customers.

    No public area may be closed or blocked to customers during regular business hours for a photo shoot.

    Fake snow is not allowed.

    Vehicles are NOT allowed in Christmas tree fields under any circumstances. All props, furniture, etc. must be carried to your photo shoot location from the parking area. We recommend bringing a wagon to transport props and other items.

    Piney Acres Farm is NOT responsible for directing clients to your photo shoot location. Make sure your clients have your cell phone so that they can contact you upon their arrival. 

    Use care and caution in the tree fields around newly planted young trees, landscaping and our farm animals. 

    All photography props must be removed upon departure and any and all debris cleaned up.

    If photos are posted online on photographers business social media, Piney Acres Farm requests tagged and attribution.


    Thank-you for choosing Piney Acres Farm for your photography session. Please let us know if we can provide any assistance to make your experience special. We look forward to your visit. Email us at pineyacresfarm@yahoo.com or call us at 317-326-1700.