• Welcome to a new year, farm friends!! This past year came and went quicker than ever here at the farm. We hope this year is full of good health, new memories and lots of family time for all of you. We are honored to have been a part of your holiday traditions over the years and this past Christmas was no different. So many happy faces and smiles came through our doors and we couldn’t be more grateful for your business. Take a look at some of our Piney families’ treasured tree finds and beautiful family moments!!

    This past Christmas season was a lot of fun and a little bit different for us. As many of you already know, we made the executive decision to close our tree fields for the year with about two weeks left of the season. The reason for this is simple. We need to give our younger trees a chance to grow. Considering a tree takes 7-10 years to grow into full adulthood, it’s hard to predict the demand for our trees that far down the road. Over the past few years our family farm’s popularity has grown steadily, which has been incredible but has also left some emptiness in our fields. While we plant accordingly each spring to ensure we always have plenty of trees, our young ones still need time to get bigger. Have no fear, we WILL allow our customers to cut down their trees from the fields next year, with a couple of guidelines that we will be implementing.  As long as Mother Nature treats us kindly and the weather elements are in our favor, there are greener, fuller tree fields ahead for us here at Piney ☺


    Since the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is long gone, we are finding ourselves in our brainstorming/cleaning/building time of the year. Planning has begun for our ever popular Easter Egg Hunt, bringing a couple of changes with it. This year, we will be offering two separate egg hunts, one being Breakfast with the Piney Bunny and another being Lunch with the Piney Bunny. Lots of new elements are being added to our traditional hunt while still keeping the old alive. Make sure to leave room on your weekend calendar for our 5th Annual Egg Hunt happening on March 24th at 9-11am and 1-3pm. As always, follow our social media for event announcements and details ☺ We are looking at some fun family nights throughout the summer as well!!


    We will be attending the annual Horticulture Conference in a few weeks, which is always a fun time. We spend a few days meeting fellow farms like ours, checking out what’s new in the farming world, networking among the agriculture community, attending seminars and learning tons of new things.


    Lastly, our new store addition is coming along fantastically. Imagine, a 14’ foot fireplace, full commercial kitchen, new restroom and seating for an additional 75-100 guests!! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

    We hope this finds you all well and in great spirits!! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and check out our updated website for all upcoming news and events. If you have any comments, additional ideas or concerns, we always love to hear from you. Please feel free to send us a message at pienyacresfarm@yaoo.com or via Facebook Messenger.


    We’re counting down the days till you’re all back here on the farm, making memories that will last a lifetime. In the meantime, we’ll continue planning and planting our hearts out in an effort to make our farm one of your favorite holiday and family destinations.


    Until then, farm friends ☺