• We wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for their patience and understanding due to the massive crowds here this past Friday (9/15/17) ¬†for our last Movie Night on the Farm. We have NEVER experienced that many people at one time in the 12 years we’ve been open to the public, and it brought along many obstacles we’ve never had to overcome, until now. Who knew Hocus Pocus was such a popular movie?!

    With 1,500+ people in attendance, our farm seemed a bit smaller than usual and our quaint snack bar definitely had a hard time keeping up with nonstop orders, making for a pretty long food line to say the least. There were a couple other variables that factored into the food wait, including our brand new seasonal staff working their first night here at the farm and the new delicious, grilled menu items we’ve added this year.

    Our goal as a family farm (not a drive in, not an amusement park or fair…a FAMILY FARM) is for each family to make great memories here at an affordable price. We strive to provide a nice, clean, friendly atmosphere in which that can happen. Watching kids and parents laughing and playing together….it’s the reason why we do what we do. So it’s incredibly disheartening to hear negative comments from first-timers who have never seen the farm for what we truly are. However, the frustration over long lines is understandable. If you happen to be one of those people, we wish you’d give us another chance. We think you’d be happy you did.

    For those of you that have stuck by our side year after year, stood in lines at Christmas for your perfect tree and watched us grow each season, WE THANK YOU. We couldn’t do any of this without amazing folks such as yourselves. We genuinely love having you all out and watching your families grow throughout the years. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family’s memories. It means more than you know.

    This past Friday taught us A LOT. We’ve spent all weekend brainstorming on what works, what doesn’t and the ways to go about it in order for things to run smoothly. We will be adding another full size commercial kitchen, along with additional restrooms and hope to have it open by this Christmas season. We are changing a few things and tweaking¬†others in an effort to offer the best experience possible.We hope you’ll continue to come out so you can see for yourself. Fall 2017 starts this Saturday (9/23/17) at 10 a.m. See you then.